Take Control.

always tell your own story 


this is your story

Social media has changed everything. Unless you have been in a coma for the past ten years, you know this. It is how we communicate. It is how we learn. It is how we form opinions. It is how we decide what to do each night. It is how we share our stories, our memories. Effective social media management allows you to tell your story. Clearly and efficiently. I can help tell your story. 


Infrequent posting is bad. Simple as that. For some businesses, it is difficult to come up with new content every day. In the food & beverage industry, however, you have been blessed in that there is always something your audience needs to know. Featured menu items, new menu items, an addition to the drink menu, a new wine, this is all news your audience needs to know. Tell your story daily! It keeps you on the minds of your customers, which means when they're thinking about what to eat for dinner or where to have drinks, they're more likely to think of you.


NO. STOCK. PHOTOGRAPHY. The goal is to showcase your unique product in a way that aligns with your brand. Stock photography negates that purpose. It is simple for anyone to do a reverse image search on Google to find out if an image is stock or if it is original, and you open the business up to liability concerns if a stock image is used without permission or if it is not royalty free. I bring fifteen years of professional photographic experience to the table. This skill could be a tremendous asset to your brand; It would give you the power to show your product the way you want, instead of letting customer's photos uploaded to Yelp or Facebook tell your story.


I have the knowledge and experience of being an independent business owner. I understand that your business is not just something you do, it is an extension of your self & a source of personal pride. I am acutely aware of what it's like reading a bad review. It sucks. We sometimes try to pretend like it does not bother us, but it does and it should- because it is our baby. Your online presence should display this sense of pride, while also maintaining constant professionalism when posting and replying to reviews and comments.


Creating a personal connection to your customers can be tricky. You shouldn't communicate in a way that seems generic, but at the same time, you do not want to have your posts sound like they belong on a personal profile.

Your voice is part of your brand, your business' identity. This voice needs to be consistent across all social media platforms to avoid a disjointed brand that will create confusion for customers. Using a consistent, original voice that customers readily recognize will build a relationship between you and your customers. This makes you more likable and increases customer loyalty.

I want to emphasize that I want your voice to reflect your actual identity. I would love the opportunity to have a discussion with you about your identity. I want to know who you are, why you exist, and what values make up 10 North Main. If I can understand these things, I will be able to ensure all content authentically reflects you and promotes your mission.

People gravitate towards consistency and authenticity. Using a thought out, original voice accomplishes both. 


Use the tools built into Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create targeted and cost-effective advertising. Choose the person that is most likely to be a customer. Choose the person that will help build the positive buzz needed not just to maintain, but to grow your client base, and do it with precision.


Just about every form of social media, web listing or restaurant guide (Google/Yelp/TripAdvisor) allows you to create an owner verified listing. This process is highly critical as it not only shows an active engagement between the business and the service, but it also allows the company to maintain control over imagery, hours of operation, the menu, as well as the option to respond to customer comments/reviews. Part of my role would be to monitor these pages and keep them up to date.


Ownership will always retain complete control over all admin privileges across online platforms. There will be full transparency between you and me (no hiding of passwords or login credentials, everything is shared). This safety is also reached by restricting the number of individuals posting across platforms to just me and ownership.

Being a third-party independent contractor removes the potential for an employee "hijacking" or posting anything that isn't in the best interest of the business. An employee should never have the ability to deactivate any social media services or to have any administrator privileges. This is about us protecting your assets.

This also applies to safety from members of the public posting anything inappropriate. A zero-tolerance policy will always be enforced toward any hateful, demeaning or hurtful language. Personal attacks will never be tolerated in comments. All of us know just how low people can go when they make comments online. I can ensure this type of content be managed and quickly removed from your online platforms if need be. 


According to data from the Office of the State Tax Commissioner, second quarter 2017 taxable sales in the city of Minot were down 1.51% from 2016 with taxable sales and purchases down 2.69% during this same period. While there are bright spots in the western oil-producing regions of North Dakota, our area is still financially tight. Statewide, taxable sales for accommodation and food services was down 0.63% during the same period.

Social media is not going to fix broader economic trends, but the takeaway is that now is not the time to grow complacent. This is the time to master your social media presence, especially with the fourth quarter of the year historically being one of the most profitable for food and beverage. 

Take control. Tell your story. Let us be a part of that narrative.
— Matthew Bieri / Otis & James