The cost of The Goods was $50 per couple, and to refresh your memory, here’s what you are getting for that!

That cost covered the actual session which will give you about three image edited poses to choose from in our online gallery, and then you will have $30 in credit to place your print orders with!

You will be sent a text message with the coupon code to access this $30 in ordering credit.  It’s just that simple!


The cost of The Basic was $30 per couple.  Now you’re probably wondering what it is that you’re going to get for that $30.00 and I’m here to explain.

One image will be posted in the online gallery, and you will receive the following prints from that image:

  • One (1) Sheet of Wallet Prints
  • Two (2) 5x7 Prints

These images will be delivered to Minot High.  Boom.  That’s how it worked yo.


  • Cost // $15 Per Person In Group with a $45 minimum (meaning you will need a minimum of three people to get this pricing!)
  • Multiple Poses to choose from in our online gallery!
  • Each Member of Group Receives 1-5x7
  • We Will Send You a Coupon Code To Receive The 5x7’s


And, because these pics are so awesome, and because we love you so much, we’re also offering special pricing on our prom pics.  How special?  Again, some bullet points:

  • 1 – 8x10 // $15
  • 2 – 5x7’s // $15
  • 8 Wallets // $15
  • Digital File (Web Sized) // $5

Those are mad crazy discounted from our normal pricing.  You heard me…mad crazy.  You will enjoy this pricing for two weeks following the date the gallery goes online.  After that, all pricing reverts to our normal pricing.