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Halloween Pics at O&J

  • Otis & James Photography

On the very last day of the month of October, in case you didn’t know, there is this magical & scary day called Halloween going down.  It’s a day filled with goblins & ghouls, candy & bellyaches, and perhaps even a headache the next day.  It’s fun for children of all ages, whether you’re 4 or 64…it’s just that the things that make us happy change with time (not as much candy the older you get.)  In celebration of this hellacious night, Otis & James is happy to once again be offering totallysweet Halloween Portraits at our Studio!

So, on Monday the 31st, we will be open from 10AM-12:30PM (which coincides with the Downtown Treat Walk) for Halloween Pics! You know what we need?  Some totally frightening bullet points to explain the details!

  • When: Monday October 31st
  • Time:  10:30AM - 12:30PM
  • No Appointments!  Walk-In’s Only!
  • Cost: $25 Per Pose Situation Up to Groups of Four::  Group of Five or More $10/Person
  • Let me explain this.  A ‘Pose Situation’ would be one pose – whether it be one person, two people, or three people.  The stipulation is that the ‘situation’ can not change – i.e. all three shots have to be of the same people – no breaking up of the pose.  I know it’s a little confusing, but I know you can get your head around it!  If not, just contact us & we’ll be glad to explain!
  • Once we get into a group of five or more, the cost would be $10/person.  So, if you had a group of 5 people the cost would be – you guessed it – $50.00!  With group shots, there will be a total of three to five images posted online to choose from.
  • When the gallery is posted, you will be able to choose one image to download from what we have posted. The image will be full-resolution and you can do with it what you please!
  • Additional images can be purchased for $10/image.

Whoa!  Now all that info us sure to help the candy hangover!  Use our Contact Page or message us on Facebook.  Alright, you have the info, now all you gotta do is get your costume and get your sweet bippy on down to the studio for this awesome event!  We’d love to see you there!


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