Jennifer Time.

As title of this post states, it’s Jennifer time.  And what does that mean to you, the loyal looker of all things pictures on the o to the j?  It means that it’s time to look at some lovely samplesnaps from the oh so lovely Jennifer, which in turn will make your day even more wonderful than it already is.  So basically, you’re about to get a pretty good deal and the price of admission is free.  Not bad…not bad.

I could go on and on about how our time with Jennifer was absolutely wonderful, but that would be taking away from the time that you should be gazing at just how awesome she is, and that would be a disservice to everyone.  So I will instead send MuchLove to Jennifer for being so awesome to work with, and to all my good peeps out there in Blogville doing whatever it is that you do to get yourself through the day – Enjoy!

Dig Now It’s Aubree!

We’ve gotten off to a great start here at the Otis & James Center for the Study of Pictographic Goodness, and that statement can be proven by the samplesnaps of the one & only Aubree!  I could go on and on about how she was awesome and the shoot was incredible and all that jazz, but all you gotta do is look at the snaps below these dumb words and you’ll know that I’m telling you the straight story.

But enough of these dumb words, let’s get to the part where I send Aubree MuchLove for letting us be a small part of her senior year, and I tell all you good peeps out there in BlogLand to – Enjoy!

Here we go. It’s Scotty!

Words.  Words go here.  And words saying that this is the first blog post of the 2015 Senior Season are going here.  And those words are there now.  So my work is done.  All I gotta do from here on out is just send MuchLove to Scotty for choosing the o and the j for the senior pics, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog (LOB) – Enjoy!

2014 Wedding Love!

2014 Portrait Love!

MHS Prom Pics Are Online!


In case you missed the news, MHS Prom Pics are online and ready for your viewing enjoyment!

Click This Giant Link to access the viewing page, and go nuts.  Thank you again to everyone that stopped by the studio and let us be a little part of your prom experience – you were all awesome!


Lana & Cody


Just in case any of you thought that we’ve just been sitting around here twiddling our thumbs and eating PopTarts, rest assured that this has not been the case.  One such event that we were oh so lucky to be a part of was the wedding of Lana & Cody!

I can’t say enough about this absolutely beautiful & friendly couple – as well as their wedding party and families.  They made our day absolutely fantastic!  We’re so happy they decided to let us be a part of their wedding day and wish them so MuchLove in the years to come!

Well, this is just getting sappy now, so I think that it’s time that we send MuchLove to everyone that helped make this day awesome, and tell you good people out there in Land of Blog being the beautiful people that they are to – Enjoy!


A part of the o&j family, as well as a personal friend of Jamie – Kris Barnes – tragically left this world too soon in an oil field accident this past Thursday morning. A fund in his memory has been set up at Gate City Bank, and in addition donations can be made online via THIS LINK.

Our hearts ache for his family and all that loved him, and we send so much love to all who are hurting.

MuchLove -
Jamie & Matthew

The Barnes Family

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Hooray! It’s Kirsty!

How about just one more for the night, or the morning, depending on what your perception of wake and sleep time is.  And how about it’s Kirsty!  And how about you peeps out there reading this are super excited because Kirsty is totally awesome and looking at her picture below these words you know that I’m just not filling you full of some sort of jive talk and I’m telling you the straight story.

What do you think about all of that?  You think it’s a pretty good deal?  Well, I think it’s a great deal!  And it is a great deal because anybody that knows Kirsty also knows just how awesome she is – and we found out firsthand when we had the goodlygreat opportunity to work with her during a time that was not that long ago because there is snow in the picture?  Time.  It mystifies me.  Going on with the story…Kirsty was completely awesome to work with as well and our time together was far too short & sweet.  But we will not be sad about this because we will always have the memories.  And the pictures.  Because that’s what we do.

But enough of all this jibber-jabber, it’s time for us to give MuchLove to Kirsty for stopping by the o&j and doing the senior picture thing, and to all you goodlygreat peeps of blog getting ready to make this another wonderful day – Enjoy!


Deri’Ann. Picture. Blog. Awesome. Yay!

I think the title of this post pretty much sums up everything that I really need to say about what’s gonna be going on here, but I would be remiss if I didn’t add another couple hundred of non-sensical words to the mix.  Some people wonder why I feel the need to add these words (pretty much everyone else at the o&j) – but my reply is always ‘IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT TO’ which I will admit when looking at it like that makes it seem like I’m kind of having a hissy fit and yeah, I probably am but whatevs.  It’s how I am.  Deal.  Back to what we are here today for.

And that’s a samplesnap from the senior portrait session of the oh-so-lovely & wonderful Deri’Ann!  We had an absolutely wonderful time working with her and the results of this wonderfulness can be found in the samplesnap below.  But wait!  Before you go all running off to look at the pic, we have to give MuchLove to Deri’Ann for stopping by the o&j and for letting us have some of her sweet & precious time.  And to all you good peeps out there in Blogville wishing and waiting for summer to come around – Enjoy!


James Time.

Some people operate on Central Standard, some people do Mountain, some people do Greenwich Mean.  Right now, we’re doing James Time.  Because that’s the only time that matters in this wild and crazy world that we live in.  So just put your clocks away and focus on what I’m about to lay down.

James stopped by the o to the j on a day that I could say was the other day but I would be lying if I did say that unless your definition of ‘the other day’ is pretty loose and could encompass a time that could be anything from literally the other day all the way to a few months ago, but we’ll just stick with the other day.  He stopped by for the senior pics.  And we took the seniorpictosnaps he was in need of.  And the job was well done – and this was because James was awesome to work with.  Straight up, my babies…straight up.

But we need to put all of these words away and just send James MuchLove and thank him for deciding to stop by the o&j, and to all you happy and glowing people out there in front of your computers looking at the happy picture below – Enjoy!


Here We Go…It’s Taylor!

Round and round the Otis & James Caravan of Love turns, and this time we are lucky enough to feature the every lovely Taylor!  Here’s the story.  Taylor needed some senior pictures taken, and that’s kind of what we do.  I mean, we other things too like have families, raise daschunds, write in our journals, order Taco Johns…yeah…that’s basically what else we do, but we definitely take a whole bunch of senior pictosnaps, which is why it was awesome that Taylor decided to stop by our studio because I don’t know where this sentence is going but I know that you get the drift.

Moving on, Taylor was completely awesome to work with (duh) – and our time together was all too short & sweet!  We wish that she could be with us every day of the week, but that would probably cost a lot of money and she would probably get bored with us (although we do like Taco Johns so that’s something), so we will just have the pics from our time together to remind us of the awesomeness.  Wow.  That was a sentence.  So Taylor, we send you MuchLove and thank you for letting us be a little part of your senior year, and to all of you good people out there in Land of Blog just keepin’ it real – Enjoy!


McCormick. Straight Up.

Let’s continue this SeniorSunday (or for those of you that are too kook for skool #seniorsunday) thing with a post about a man that I like to call McCormick.  And maybe there are others out there that call him this same name too.  In fact, I’m almost positive that there are.  Like his friends.  His family.  Schoolmates (is that a word still?  It seems so 19th century) – whatever the case may be, I do believe that they may call him this same name too.  So I’m not alone in this notion of calling him that.

So, McCormick stops by the otis to the james and he needs some pictures taken because he’s graduating from high school and needs to have some of those pics that the seniors take because time has flown by and he’s practically in college and everyone is like ‘what the heck happened it seems just like yesterday when he was starting kindergarten’ or whatever it is that they are thinking.  But I’m not here to delve into the psyche of what people may or may not be thinking, I’m just here to tell you that we wound up taking this senior pics and the rest is up to you.

But not only did we take his senior pics, but we had a great time doing so – and it’s all thanks to McCormick.  So we’d like to take a moment to send MuchLove to him for letting us be a little part of his senior year, and to all of you good peeps out there in Land of Blog just doing whatever it is that you do – Enjoy!


Here We Go. It’s Terence!

Seems like the only time I’m ever putting anything up here is for a good ol’ Senior Sunday type of thing, but whatever.  It works.  And this time we’re getting the job done with the one & only Terence!  There was this day that wasn’t all that long ago (in reality it probably was a long time ago but time…what does it really mean man?) – philosophical questions about time and space aside, there was this time and there was this Terence and there was this photog. named Jamie and there were many happy pictures taken.

But the reason for such happy pictures was not because of Jamie or camera or anything else like that.  No no no.  The reason for happy pictures was because Terence was completely awesome to work with, and he made our time together totally and completely awesome.  But I don’t need these words to tell you that, all I gotta do is have you look at the happy picture below.  But wait!  Before you do that we need to send MuchLove to Terence for stopping by FunCenter and letting us take some snaps, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!



What would a SeniorSunday be without Kimani?  Well…I don’t really have an answer for that.  It’s just kind of one of those questions that I ask and I don’t really expect an answer back because this is a computer screen that I am looking at and unless something magical happens within the next couple of minutes and it suddenly comes to life I don’t think that I’m going to get a response back from it.  Computers.  They cray.

Moving on.  You know what’s good?  The samplesnap of Kimani below these words.  I’m not joking around here.  It’s the real deal.  BUT DONT’ LOOK AT IT YET.  Because we need to do the thing where we tell you that there was a time/there was a place/Kimani was there/we had camera/pure goodness occured and then we need to send Kimani MuchLove for letting us be a part of his senior year, and then we need to tell all you perfect people out there in front of your computer screens just waiting for something new to look at to – Enjoy!


More Good. Now With Marissa!

I’ve just given up on English as the native language for these blog posts, so just stick with me and we’ll go places, ok?  Great.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for us to take another small trip down memory lane to a place and a time when the otis james photo center (alternate name/ultimately rejected) opened the doors and into our lives strolled the one & only Marissa!

Now, she wasn’t here to sell us girl scout cookies or even a set of knives, nope…none of that.  She was here to have some totally awesome seniorpictosnaps taken!  And thank goodness because we don’t need another set of knives, although I will admit that the Girl Scout cookies do sound good but I digress.  Marissa was awesome to work with, but you don’t need any of these words to tell you that, all you have to do is look at the picture below these words to know that I’m not joshing you!  No offense to Josh.  But wait!  Before you move your eyes down the page and look at the goodness that awaits, we need to send MuchLove to Marissa for stopping by and spending some of her time with us (time is money after all) and for all you good peeps out there in Blogville waiting for spring to…spring? – Enjoy!


Yes! It’s Jemma!

We’re going to do some SeniorSunday posts now.  And I’m not going to bore you with a ton of words about this or that or the other thing (I never did understand that expression.)  Nope.  None of that.  We’re just going to get right to the good part.

And the good part is where I tell you that there was a happy time when we were lucky enough to welcome Jemma to the studio so we could take some of the seniorsnaps, and our time together was all to short & sweet – but we’ll always have the pictures to remind us of the goodness that once graced our day!  So, MuchLove to Jemma for being so awesome, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!



TBT w/Callie!

We’re just gonna let the good times roll on this whole #tbt thing, and this time we’re going to do it with style, as it’s time for the absolutely fabulous Callie!  AbFab is what we could call her for short, but let’s just stick with Callie, seeing as that is the name that I’m guessing most everybody uses to identify her.

So Callie…where to begin?  How about there was this time that we were just sitting at the studio waiting for something exciting to happen to our lives, and who should walk in but Callie!  She needed the senior pictosnaps taken and we happened to have the stuff to take the senior pictosnaps, so it was a match made in heaven!  Speaking of made in heaven, that’s what the tags of my clothes say, but enough about me.

Callie was truly wonderful to work with and our time together was too short & sweet, but she couldn’t live at the studio as her family might start to question what kind of a racket we’re running.  So to Callie, we send MuchLove, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog staying warm on a cold winters night – Enjoy!


TBT w/Gabby!

As a true sign to you that this is definitely a #tbt pic, I’m pretty sure that all you have to do is look at it and yearn for a time when there were still leaves on the trees…a time when you could be outside without risk of hypothermia or having to put on seventeen layers.  So totes not joking around here with the ‘throwback’ nomenclature.  We’re goin’ back in time my babies.

But we’re doing so for good reason – and that reason is the oh so lovely Gabby!  Now, some of you may be wondering what it is that we are doing here, so I’ll lay it down for you.  There was a time, there was a place, there was a Gabby, there was a Jamie, there were pictures taken and BOOM.  Here we are.  Pretty simple.

So now we send MuchLove to Gabby for being so wonderful to work with, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog just doing whatever it is that you do (I don’t even want to know) – Enjoy!


TBT w/Chelsea!

We’re going to start off this edition of Throwback Thursday (tbt for those of you that are still trying to figure out how to add music to your MySpace profile) with the one & only Chelsea!

This is the space where I could go on and on rambling about something or another, or this is the space where I could spare you all of that, send MuchLove to Chelsea for letting us be a small part of her senior year, and I could tell you all to enjoy!

So…after a little bit of deliberation I’ve decided to go with the second of those two options and spare you the words.  Thank you Chelsea, and to all you happy peeps of Blogland – Enjoy!


Julia & Josh!

I’m not going to waste any more time than necessary with a bunch of words here because these pics are just too good.  So let me just get to the point and say that we are so stoked (do people still use that word) for the wedding of this beautiful (and Yogatastic) couple!  So MuchLove to them, and to all my good peeps out there in Blogville – Enjoy!







Shawna & Matt!

And now, a Valentine treat for you!  And no, it’s not going to be those candy hearts that say BE MINE or SO ALONE or whatever they say.  Nope.  This is a little treat called Shawna & Matt!  We’ve known Shawna for a long time, and were pleased to meet Matt (I already like him because as his name implies, he is a gift of God – MATT’S ARE AWESOME.)  And the reason for this pictoriffic goodness, you ask?  They got married up.  Yepper!  You can tell by the veil on her head.  I’m like a detective.  But that’s beside the point.

The point is that this newly wedded couple stopped by the o to the j to share the love and to let the Queen James take some pics of their awesomeness.  Which, as the picture will attest to, is plentiful.  All of these words are confusing me.  What I’m trying to say is CONGRATULATIONS SHAWNA & MATT!  So MuchLove to both of you and thank you for stopping by and letting us in on previously mentioned awesomeness.  But enough of all this rambling, it’s time to get to the goods.  And remember to – Enjoy!

Shawna & Matt!

The Lovely Katie!

As long as we’re all here in this interweb superhighway together, might as well give you something wonderful too gaze upon, and this time it’s the lovely Katie!  Now, I could go on and on and on about how our time together was awesome and far too short-lived, or I could take this thing into the land of tangent-filled nonsense that doesn’t make sense to anyone (even me) and then somehow try to find a way at the very end to tie it in to Katie, or I could just do what I’m going to do now.  Which is to cut all of the carp (trying to keep this thing clean, yo) and just give it to you straight up.

Katie was awesome.  And she is awesome.  And we need to give her MuchLove for choosing us to be the people that take the senior pics of her.  Or something like that.  So, without any further delay it’s Katie…oh…and all you good people out there in Bloglandia – Enjoy!


Shelby Time. Yay!!

Like I’ve told all y’all before, I’ve pretty much given up on trying to come up with titles to these blog posts that tax my mind in any way shape or form.  The problem is that you can’t have duplicate titles – so if we’ve ever had a Shelby before I have to add an extra word or two in order for the title to not be Shelby-2.  Which is a really depressing title.  It’s like getting mail at your house that is just addressed to ‘occupant.’  I mean, sure, that is you – but at that moment you realize that you are just an occupant to these people.  Not a name, not a person, just somebody occupying space in an abode until the next person occupies the same space.  And that’s just straight depressing.  And we don’t roll that way.  Nope.  We keep depression at bay thanks to the good folks at Merck® & Pfizer®.  But enough about us.

As the title says, it’s Shelby time!  And that’s a pretty darned good time for it to be if you ask me, and frankly I really don’t care if you’ve asked me or not because this is my blog and I’ll tell you what time it is.  But these words, enough of them!  Instead let us give MuchLove to Shelby for stopping by the FunCenter to have her senior pictosnaps taken, and to all you’s out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!


Dig This. It’s Wyatt.

I’m just going to lay this one on you nice and easy.  No need for a thousand words or anything, it’s just time for you to sit back and get ready to dig on a sampsnap from Wyatt.  That’s all you gotta do.  No need to get yourself all worked up or anything.  It’s Sunday, after all.  Or it was Sunday when I wrote this.  I don’t know when you’re reading this.  So if it’s not Sunday just pretend that it is or something.  We cool?  Great.

So in the spirit of keeping things short, sweet & cool, Imma just gonna send MuchLove to Wyatt for stopping by the o&j for his senior pics, and to all you other happy & shiny people out there in Blogland – Enjoy!


Get Ready. It’s MacKenzie!

I don’t know what I’m telling you to get ready for.  It’s just a picture after all.  I’m kidding!  It’s not just a picture, it’s a superawesome seniorpictosnap from the oh-so-lovely MacKenzie!  So that’s what I’m telling you to get ready for.  I don’t want you to be all sitting there and being all unprepared for the goodness that is about to hit you over the head – I want you to be ready.  I do this because I care about you.  And that’s the Otis & James Difference®.

But enough about us, what we really need to tell you is that there was this time that (obvs) was way before the winter wonderland of below zero times we currently live in when MacKenzie entered into our lives, and our lives were all the better for it!  So, MuchLove to MacKenzie for letting us in to her life for just a small amount of time, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog wondering if we are going to ever get to a time when the temperature gets to the double-digits above zero – Enjoy!


Winter Rose!

Winter Rose!All that needs to be said is that the idea of a rose in winter is one that sounds so lovely right now.  Pushing up through the snow, the tundra, to fill our little world with its beauty.  And that’s exactly what our Winter Rose did during her seniorpictosnap time at the o&j – filled our little world with her beauty!

So I’m just going to keep this short & sweet, because why ruin it with a stream of blabbering words?  So now we give MuchLove to this lovely young lady for letting us be a part of her senior year, and we remind all of you good and peaceful peeps of Blogville to – Enjoy!


I Give You Chase.

Chase!The lesson today is about the comma.  Now, the comma is something that I overuse, but is something that can make all the difference in sentence structure.  I’m pretty sure there are whole internet meme’s or tumblr’s out there which detail the follies of a lack of comma.  For example, the title of this post implies that I am chasing you.  Which I am not.  Because that is just plain & straight up creepy – which I will admit is something that I am good at but I try to keep it out of the business.  You know.  The up & up and whatnot.  But what I’m really doing is presenting Chase, so it should read I Give You, Chase.  There will be a written test at the end of this post.

But the point of all this is not to correct your grammar (although let’s watch our ‘there/their’ people) – the purpose is to take a gander (because apparently I speak like somebody from Appalachia during the turn of the century?) at a young man that we, and most likely the rest of the world, calls Chase!  On a day when you could still be outside without fear of frostbite, Chase stopped by the studes for some sweetlyseniorsnaps, and the results were awesome.  But you don’t need all of these words to tell you that, you just gotta look at the pic above these words to know that I’m not jiving you.

Before you leave, however, we need to send MuchLove to Chase for giving us a little bit of his sweet & precious time, and we also need to tell all you good peeps out there in Land of Frozen Blog to – Enjoy!