Minot Flood Map

At 12:57PM on June 22nd 2011, the worst flooding in the recorded history of Minot began with the sound of evacuation sirens. The town has flooded, now the rebuilding will begin.

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‎”Minot always reaches its heights during adversity. Out of this experience will come a stronger people, even more determined that our city will pursue its destiny.” -CD ‘Klink’ Johnson, Mayor of Minot in 1969

This page served its purpose when it was needed. In the past few days, the Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau has brought a new website, www.rallyminot.com online – this site has all up to date and pertinent information about the Flood of 2011 and current recovery efforts.

We will make it through this, and we will be a stronger city in the end. Long live Minot!

Minot/May 16th 2011

Minot/June 25th 2011