Established in 2003, Otis & James Photography is the partnership of Jamie Rennich (james) & Matthew Bieri (otis) -If you would like to know how we got those names you'll have to ask. For the past thirteen years we have had so many adventures with so many beautiful clients! Not a day goes by that we don't realize how blessed we are. 

Our guiding belief is that having your picture taken should be fun, relaxed and no stress. If you like the thought of this then we are probably going to be a good fit. If your thing is high stress and no fun then I guess there might be another photographer out there that specializes in that? Use the Google, keywords 'north dakota/photographer/stressful/no fun' and they should pop up.

We thank you for stopping by and checking us out. And we especially thank all of our clients for giving us such a beautiful life! 




PO Box 3025
Minot, ND 58702